How to Create an Environmentally Friendly Landscape Design

green landscape design

More and more homeowners are becoming interested in creating environmentally friendly living spaces. A "green" home, after all, doesn't just benefit the environment and the your community, but it can also provide you with a number of direct benefits. Environmentally friendly practices are not a passing trend: they're a great way to make your home more efficient, conserve resources, and keep the Earth healthy.

At Hungry Gnome Gardenscapes, we're dedicated to helping our clients create healthy and efficient landscapes, and our Athens landscaping experts look forward to providing you with great gardening, landscaping, and hardscaping services to help you keep your landscape healthy, attractive, and functional.

Here are a few simple ways that you can help the environment, your community, and your home with your landscape design:

Use Water-Wise Plants

Water-wise plants are known for their ability to survive and thrive in desert conditions, so they're a great way to use less water in your garden or landscape while keeping your property beautiful. They don't require nearly as much water as other plants, but they are just as attractive, and they can often be even more distinctive.

Even if it doesn't seem like you use an extravagant amount of water to maintain your landscape, it's very easy to use more than necessary. While there's no way to get around using water to keep your landscape healthy, water-wise plants can help you limit the amount that you need.

Some great examples of water-wise plants include sage, sunflowers, yucca, and purple coneflower.

Use Mulch in Your Garden

Mulch is another great way to conserve water in your garden. It does this in a couple of ways:

  • Mulch keeps out weeds that can use up water that was meant for your plants.
  • Mulch retains water for your plants, so you'll be able to water your Athens home's garden less frequently.

Organic mulch can come from almost anywhere. Compost, chopped leaves, or even shredded newspaper can all be used as low-cost alternatives to expensive, chemical-rich mulches.

Install a Rain Garden

Simply put, a rain garden is a small depression in the ground that takes rainwater from roofs, sidewalks, driveways, and other urban features and carries it back to the ground. This means that rainwater that would otherwise be returned to storm drains can instead return to the ground around your Athens home's garden. This will help decrease the water you need to use in your garden, and it can improve the quality of nearby bodies of water and decrease the cost of local water cleaning.

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