Perfect Flowering Plants For Athens Georgia Gardens

Flowering Plants For Athens Georgia Gardens

A landscape is an investment that in some cases can be short-lived. By planting perennial flowering plants, the beauty of your landscape will naturally renew itself year to year.

Perennials grow again after the cold season. However, in some climates, a perennial will die off because the temperatures drop too low for them. These are tender perennials. So be careful which species you choose. If you need Athens landscaping advice, call Hungry Gnome Gardenscapes.

Flowering perennial plants come in the form of flowers, trees, bushes, and vines. There are many beautiful perennials that grow great in Athens, GA gardens.

Hungry Gnome Gardenscapes knows the perfect landscaping plants for homes in the Athens area. Here are a few you may want to add in a garden or as part of your landscape design.

Landscaping Your Athens Home? Try These Beautiful Flowers

Blanket flowers, or Gaillardia, will grow from 12-30 inches tall. They bloom from the middle of summer until frost. Plant these in full sunlight. They tolerate poor soils well but need good drainage. They are a gorgeous bright red, yellow, and orange but petals can also be pink or yellow.

Goldenrod, or Solidago hybrids, is a beautiful perennial flower. The petals are numerous and tiny, making a delicate fuzzy topping on a long, heavily leafed stem. They bloom during late summer into fall. They are hardy and grow vigorously.

Accent Your Landscape With Flowering Foliage

Hibiscus is a great bush to plant in Georgia landscapes. There are several hundred species of Hibiscus to choose from. The color of the bloom depends on the species. It flowers during early summer through fall. The plants grow 3-8 feet high. Choose the Hibiscus moscheutos, or rose mallow, varieties which are hardy for Athens landscapes.

Hostas offer an alternative to the plain dark greenery common in landscapes. The low-growing plants will flower in white to lavender colors. The foliage is rich and beautiful, with some colors ranging between yellow-green to dark green or blue-green. Hostas are also known as plantain lily or funkia.

Certain hydrangeas will grow well in the Southeast United States. Hydrangea radiata, or Silverleaf Hydrangea, and the Hydrangea quercifolia, or Oakleaf Hydrangea do well here.

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