Hungry Gnome Gardenscapes - Soil Cultivation, Compost, and Irrigation

Hungry Gnomes Gardenscaping - soil cultivation compost and irragation

The first step in this project was to layout the area to be prepped. Next we removed all existing vegitation. Then it was time for the deep cultivation of the soil for veggie beds and the future orchard. The ten boxes were installed next, with lumber rated for ground contact. Next we added high quality soil. Then we installed the irrigation. We also installed a weed barrier in paths for low maintenance and covered it with crop seed to improve soil health. We then laid out the posts and dug the holes, and we set the posts in concrete. Next we ran a wire fence to keep the deer out. Finally we cleaned up the entire area. At Hungry Gnome Gardenscapes we take great pride in our work, and the result shows in this project.

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